SON TRAVA is a premium leisurewear brand whose founders are originally from the Russian Black Sea coast. Connection to Russian heritage and strong bond with nature are very important to the founders.


Early 20th century Russian artistic society and its bohemian lifestyle served as the main inspiration for the brand. In particular, Russian dacha culture of spending summers in the country houses by the Black Sea relates to Son Trava’s philosophy of spending quality free time at home and while traveling.

The Russian boheme enjoyed wearing fine, roomy clothes during hot summers by the sea. They took long walks along the sea or in the hills, had morning coffee in their gardens and received guests in their dachas while wearing silk robes worn right on top of pyjamas.

A nostalgia to that long gone era of effortless yet sophisticated dressing echoes throughout Son Trava collections.



Son Trava uses only 100% natural Italian cotton, silk and viscose for all our night- and daywear products. We choose our materials carefully, paying a lot of attention to the composition and quality of the fabrics as we believe it is important for the leisurewear to be made from the materials your body feels good in.

Our classic pajamas are unique as they are made from the highest quality Italian men’s shirting cottons which would normally be used for creating the best elegant shirts for men. All the cottons are jaquard quality which means the patterns are created by the way of waving, not the prints. Natural pearl buttons, decorative trimmings and practical details such as double-stitched durable seams and the double layered back part only add to the quality of the product.

Son Trava pajamas are inspired by the classic men’s night costumes of the beginning of the 20th century. Our pajamas’ cut is to make you feel like you borrowed them from your loved one after a night spent together.

All the prints on our fabrics are unrepeatable as they are created by the Son Trava designer and produced in Italy exclusively for the brand.

We work hard to make sure you are going to wear and love your pajamas for years.