What does the Pre-order mean?

The Son Trava sisterhood is very diverse: dreamy Lubava, casual Akulina, sensual Natasha, flirty Avgustina, outgoing Mira…We do have our boys in the club as well — after all, all the pieces are made out of the high-quality Italian classic men’s shirt cotton.

We want everyone who becomes a part of Son Trava community to feel just as unique and special and that’s why we are focused on making one of a kind made-to-measure styles. What does it mean exactly? Essentially we let you create your dream leisure outfit that will fit YOU perfectly.


We’ll break it down for you to 5 easy breezy steps:

1) go to http://www.sontrava.com/pre-order/ and pick a style that speaks the most to you

2) provide us with your measurements to ensure a perfect fit

3) if you feel like getting creative with your style, we are happy to send you a variety of materials and colours to choose from! just check the corresponding box — et voilà!

4)  as soon as we know all your preferences, we let our sartorial fairies at the small family-owned atelier in the heart of Warsaw take it from here and create your very own Son Trava piece

5) knock knock, it’s your Son Trava delivery! we guarantee every MTM piece to be ready to wear in 15 days from the order date.

We love to play with different colours and textures and we are happy to invite you to join the party. What gives us this openness and flexibility to do that is actually a solid base of a few simple but absolutely essential components:

— only 100% natural Italian materials

— only 100% Warsaw-based production

— key styles inspired by the classic men’s cotton shirt

— aesthetics inspired by the Russian dacha culture

The essence of Son Trava is a style that looks like you stole it from your lover, feels as safe and natural as your favourite pjs and fits you like a glove.

If girls run the world, this is exactly the kind of outfit they should be doing it in!