What does the Pre-order mean?

The Son Trava sisterhood is very diverse: dreamy Lubava, casual Akulina, sensual Natasha, flirty Avgustina, outgoing Mira…We do have our boys in the club as well — after all, all the pieces are made out of the high-quality Italian classic men’s shirt cotton.

We want everyone who becomes a part of Son Trava community to feel just as unique and special and that’s why we are focused on making one of a kind made-to-measure styles. What does it mean exactly? Essentially we let you create your dream leisure outfit that will fit YOU perfectly.


We’ll break it down for you to 5 easy breezy steps:

1) go to http://www.sontrava.com/pre-order/ and pick a style that speaks the most to you

2) provide us with your measurements to ensure a perfect fit

3) if you feel like getting creative with your style, we are happy to send you a variety of materials and colours to choose from! just check the corresponding box — et voilà!

4)  as soon as we know all your preferences, we let our sartorial fairies at the small family-owned atelier in the heart of Warsaw take it from here and create your very own Son Trava piece

5) knock knock, it’s your Son Trava delivery! we guarantee every MTM piece to be ready to wear in 15 days from the order date.

We love to play with different colours and textures and we are happy to invite you to join the party. What gives us this openness and flexibility to do that is actually a solid base of a few simple but absolutely essential components:

— only 100% natural Italian materials

— only 100% Warsaw-based production

— key styles inspired by the classic men’s cotton shirt

— aesthetics inspired by the Russian dacha culture

The essence of Son Trava is a style that looks like you stole it from your lover, feels as safe and natural as your favourite pjs and fits you like a glove.

If girls run the world, this is exactly the kind of outfit they should be doing it in!

Meet Son Trava personally

This time we decided to make it personal and speak with Son Trava head designer Victoria Kapriz about her upbringing in the south of Russia, fashion education at Polimoda in Florence, an internship at Alexander McQueen in London and how her diverse background is influencing the brand.

«I remember the girls in my primary school lining up at my desk and asking me to draw the dresses for their princesses paper dolls”, Victoria reminisces, smiling.  From the very beginning, she knew she was going to become a fashion designer, even before she knew what it actually meant.

Eventually her passion for princesses’ gowns developed into fashion design and fine art studies in Krasnodar, her hometown in the south of Russia and one of the main sources of inspiration for Son Trava, with its proximity to the Black Sea dachas and a true southern leisure lifestyle that rarely comes to mind when you think of Russia.

Fast forward to sun-soaked Florence, where Victoria had a chance to perfect her design skills at one of the major fashion schools in Europe under the supervision of Patrick de Muynck. «Back then Patrick had just left the position of a Fashion Design teacher at the Royal Academy in Antwerp to come and work in Polimoda. It was an amazing opportunity to work under his supervision».

Next stop — London.  Victoria’s first internship took place at a small menswear brand which surprisingly turned out to be a great influence on her future brand known for its delicate dresses and nightgowns. She learned menswear pattern-making and fitting and fell in love with the men’s style and fabrics, which she now uses almost exclusively for Son Trava designs.

Quite unexpectedly an opportunity to intern at Alexander McQueen appeared, and frankly, this is not a chance you walk away from. «As an intern, you are obviously at a pretty  low position, and yet there you have incredible resources at your demand and you literally sit two meters away from a tailor who is making a dress for Kate Middleton. You’ve got a lot of resources, a lot of possibilities and not a lot of time».

Working on the collection, Polimoda school, Florence

Working on the collection, Polimoda school, Florence

«Once I created a corset-type top and soon after I’ve sent it “upstairs” to the head designer, I got called up to her office. I immediately decided that something bad had happened. But there she was — standing beside a model, who was wearing my piece, with a discreet smile and asking me: did you make it? It’s beautiful. Thank you».

Ultimately, when Victoria got invited to one of the most high-end and well-known fashion houses in Warsaw, she didn’t think twice. It was a chance to learn high quality from the ‘kitchen side’ much closer than in a large international brand and also a great opportunity to work with an amazing team of professionals — tailors, seamstresses, pattern-makers. It was an on-hand experience of working with the best materials, the best European manufacturers, the highest quality of dressmaking. And of course, also a chance to design for celebrities from Anja Rubik to Zaha Hadid, whose cape she created specially for the V&A’s Alexander McQueen «Savage Beauty”» Opening Gala..

Now, all the parts of Victoria’s diverse background came together like a puzzle to create the world of Son Trava...

PS: Do not forget to visit our Instagram profile @sontravaofficial to find out more about Son Trava.

October verse

We feel very poetic today. Actually we feel poetic most of the time but today the mood is for autumnal musings at the seaside and Russian ‘Silver Age’ poets. Famous Russian poet Joseph Brodsky loved sea and spent a lot of time in a place called Koktebel in eastern Crimea — a place which other Russian artists and poets were drawn to due to its beauty and sense of freedom.  He wrote his poem ‘With the view of the sea’ in 1969, in Koktebel and we especially admire this bit, the very beginning of the poem:

October. In the morning breeze,
the sea lies cheek against the quay.
The seeds of the acacia trees,
like rain on roofing iron, play,
tap-dancing. Only now appearing,
rays of the sun that still sits low
are piercing more than they are searing;
this duplicating, down below,
the rowers sweep, while gazing up
upon the snowy mountaintops.

And this, the ending:

When there is so much in the distance
behind you, mainly – misery,
don’t loiter, waiting for assistance,
but catch the train bound for the sea.
It’s deeper. And it’s not so small.
This, in itself, won’t fix your mood.
But if one has to, after all,
sense all the pangs of orphanhood,
then pick a setting that can make
your insides stir instead of ache.

English translation is by Andrey Kneller, the whole text can be found here

Wherever you are, catch the train bound to the sea. We are sure it is beautiful in October!


Looking for sleep. Part I

Ah, sleep! You are an elusive subject. Sometimes we have very little of you, sometimes just on the verge of ok or almost enough but definitely never too much. That is why it is important to use the hours we have to their very best.  Here at Son Trava we know a thing or two about sleep and we figured out ways to get the needed rest. The key is to prepare yourself to sleep, gradually helping your body and mind to be in that state where a good restful sleep is possible. In Part I we are giving the general tips and in Part II it will be more about skincare and body care.  Mix and match as you please.


1.      Get some fresh air.
Have a stroll. If you are lucky to live near a seaside or a river, it’s even better. Fresh air and a little bit of walking will help you to distance from the worries of the day and are very calming to the senses.

2.      Open your notebook or planner if you have one and cross out the things you’ve finished. It is very satisfying. Also write down plans for the next day so that you won’t trouble yourself with remembering them while falling asleep.

3.      Open the window to freshen the air before you go to bed. If you can (and we strongly recommend it), sleep with the windows opened. Take two warmest duvets if you must but keep the window opened at night.

4.      Put on your pyjamas. This is where we are the experts. It is another reminder to your body that it is loved thus calming for the mind as well. Choose one from our range made of softest luxurious silks.

5.      Meditate. We love Headspace app, it is very helpful if you have any troubles getting off to sleep. The founder of this app, Andy Puddicombe has the most tranquil voice and it’s a pleasure to listen to him. Check his video about sleep here.

6.      Listen to classical music. We recommend Lyszt, Chopin, Brahms, Schubert or early Rachmaninoff.

7.      When in bed read something soothing for the soul, or may be something uplifting. True to our Russian roots we love Chekhov’s short stories, poems by Bella Akhmadulina, Marina Tsvetaeva and Boris Pasternak. Share with us your favourite bedtime books.

Looking for sleep. Part II

Some time ago we promised you the Part II of our ‘Sleep rituals’. Part I was all about general tips for a restful night sleep. Here we invite you to read what routines we recommend skincare and body care wise. These all are tried and tested and we hope you find them useful.

'La Toilette' by Louise Catherine Breslau

'La Toilette' by Louise Catherine Breslau

1.      Take your pampering time in the bathroom. Thoroughly cleanse and moisturise your skin. This helps to relax and communicates a message to your body that you love it and care for it. Use your favourite creams and oils, do some gentle face massage. We recommend this video by a famouse makeup artist Lisa Eldridge where she shares her face massage routine. 

2.      Light a candle. But please, do not buy cheap aromatic candles – they are full of synthetic additives. Look for natural bees wax ones or soy wax, let the candle burn for little while and then put a few drops of good quality essential oil. We love lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and pine ones. When the candle is blown out the wax will still keep the aroma.

3.      Find time for a professional massage once in a while, visit sauna or hammam. It will work as a reminder for your body of 'how to relax'.

4.      Massage your body with a dry or wet brush, this one from The Body Shop does a perfect job. Dry (or wet) brushing stimilates lymphatic drainage, expholiates and tones your skin. If you are doing wet brush massage we recommend using coconut oil by an amazing Polish brand Mokosh. 

5.      Buy a diffuser and lavender oil to go with it. Light it for about 15 minutes before bed so that the air is filled with the calming smell.

6.      Use a silk eye mask. It is very useful when travelling but may also help to ease you into sleep at home blocking all the lights. We suggest these by Holistic Silk.

7.      Buy or make your own herbal sleep pillow. Put it near your normal pillow letting the aroma cuddle you in your sleep. Ours are handmade and filled with Russian traditional herbs. You can fill yours with dry lavander. Its relaxing scent helps your body and mind to unwind. 

Good night!